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Stanford’s Juan Pablo Alperin on the Open Journal System (OJS)

Reda Sadki Writing

Red Cross learning and research online: Stanford’s Juan Pablo Alperin on the Open Journal System (OJS) 
* If I tell you that the International Red Cross is considering starting an electronic journal, does it make sense to you? 
* In starting up a journal, would you consider including a print edition for people in developing countries who don’t have access to online? 
* Where should we put resources: into helping people get access or into delivering printed materials to them? 
* How is a scholarly journal fit into a learning system, how does it contribute specifically to a learning system as opposed to other tools to learn about, in our context, development and humanitarian issues? 
* How can Open Journal System (OJS) contribute to the emergence of quality research and learning in developing countries? 
* What might be the incentive for scholars to publish in a Red Cross journal, if they already have access to established academic journals?

Juan Pablo Alderin, Stanford University (5:25)