Catch up on Scaling corporate learning event

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On this page I will add links to the video and audio recordings of the Scaling corporate learning online symposium. You can still join the event to participate in both ongoing discussions and live sessions (schedule).

19 June 2014

Complexity and scale in learning: a quantum leap to sustainability (Reda Sadki)

The World Bank’s Open Learning Campus (Abha Joshi-Ghani)

World Bank Open Campus

18 June 2014

Introduction (George Siemens)


openSAP (Michaela Laemmler)

20140618.openSAP-presentation-11 20140618.openSAP-presentation-10 20140618.openSAP-presentation-09 20140618.openSAP-presentation-08 20140618.openSAP-presentation-07 20140618.openSAP-presentation-06 20140618.openSAP-presentation-05 20140618.openSAP-presentation-03

20140618.openSAP-presentation-01 20140618.openSAP-presentation-04 20140618.openSAP-presentation-02


Update on Google’s activities around MOOCs (Michel Benard)

20140618.Google-presentation-02 20140618.Google-presentation-01

Apologies to Toby Green (OECD) as the recording of his session failed to capture his audio.