International Nurses Day 2024 Teach to Reach

International Nurses Day 2024: Climate change and health

Reda SadkiGlobal health

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On International Nurses Day 2024, The Geneva Learning Foundation stands in solidarity with the over 28 million nurses worldwide who form the backbone of health systems globally.

As an organization dedicated to researching, developing, and implementing new approaches to learning and leadership for health, we recognize the vital role of nurses in driving progress towards global health goals, including the health-related Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage.

Nurses represent a significant proportion of participants in our Teach to Reach peer learning programme, which exemplifies commitment to lifelong learning and desire to connect with and learn from colleagues around the world to improve practice.

Teach to Reach is the world’s largest health peer learning event, bringing together tens of thousands of health professionals, primarily from low- and middle-income countries, in dynamic digital convenings. Request your invitation

It exemplifies our vision of empowering health workers as agents of change through digitally-enabled collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.

For its tenth edition on 20-21 June 2024, Teach to Reach will focus on the critical issue of climate change and health.

Nurses are already finding themselves on the frontlines in supporting communities to navigate the increasing health risks posed by a changing climate.

As trusted members of the communities they serve, nurses are uniquely positioned to strengthen resilience and lead adaptations to protect health.

Through platforms like Teach to Reach, The Geneva Learning Foundation aims to elevate nurses’ voices and insights, facilitating the rapid exchange of locally-tailored solutions to shared challenges.

We call on global health leaders to recognize the expertise that nurses hold as a result of their proximity to communities, and to systematically include nurses in policy dialogues and decision-making on the health impacts of climate change.

On this International Nurses Day, we reaffirm our commitment to leveraging the power of digital networks and innovative learning approaches to support nurses in their vital work to protect and promote health.

Through strong partnerships and by empowering nurses as leaders, we believe it is possible to build resilient, equitable and sustainable health systems in a changing climate.