Online learning 101 mindmap excerpt

Online learning 101: learning objectives and mind map

Reda SadkiLearning strategy

My presentation on the foundational knowledge about online learning in the humanitarian context could provide fodder for… an online course. And here are some of the learning objectives that would be included in such a course, together with a mind map showing some of the items addressed by the presentation.

  1. Summarize the challenges of adapting to constant technological change in learning design
  2. List humanitarian learning problems that can be addressed by online and distance learning
  3. Distinguish between three evidence-based learning approaches relevant to the humanitarian context
  4. Explain the main criteria used to distinguish these approaches
  5. Distinguish development costs from delivery costs
  6. Compare cost vs. efficacy for three learning approaches
  7. Explain the relevance of blended learning for humanitarian learning
  8. Distinguish between self-guided and cohort-based learning
  9. Scope the complexity of an online learning project
  10. Identify possible sources of funding for online humanitarian education
  11. Identify factors to consider when developing a learning system
  12. Evaluate when scaling up is relevant to developing online learning
  13. Relate humanitarian training needs to the affordances of New Learning
  14. Summarize the benefits of scenario-based simulation for humanitarian training
  15. Compare the learning outcomes between distance learning and face-to-face
  16. Summarize changes in the nature of knowledge
  17. Reflect on the significance of changes in the nature of knowledge for humanitarian learning
Online learning 101 mind map

Online learning 101 mind map

This post is based on a comprehensive (65 minutes) talk originally presented to the Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) on 22 September 2014. Its content is largely based on my experience in managing a 1.7 million CHF pipeline of online course development. The full set and recording are available for members via this link. is a non-profit talent network for learning leaders from corporate, academic, and humanitarian/development sectors interested in solving wicked problems. (Note: there are some display problems on which should be fixed soon. Thank you for your patience.)