On learning, leadership, and impact: a new kind of dialogue to tackle the challenges that threaten our societies

Reda SadkiLeadership, Writing

The Geneva Learning Foundation’s new Dialogue is an invitation-only global conversation exploring learning, leadership, and impact. Our aim is to explore new ways to connect individuals who are tackling the challenges that threaten our societies.

In the past, one observation has been that conversations around learning and leadership tend to happen between nearly-identical peers.

One of the bets we are making is that to progress our understanding on leadership, diversity is a necessary condition.

And, indeed, I am struck by the radical diversity of the Dialogue’s participants so far.

My conviction is that such improbable connections could create new possibilities for facilitated dialogue to surface new insights into the nature of leadership in the Digital Age.

Below are three examples, connecting a disease control student from Ghana, an engineer working on a water pipeline in Libya, and an NGO worker from New Zealand.