How do we shift our capacity to embrace a volatile, complex world?

Reda SadkiThinking aloud

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  • We stand ready to support any organization or network that needs to mobilize people at scale in support of meaningful change.
  • We are seeking partners that share our yearning for transformation, and that can bring their challenges, resources, and capabilities to make this yearning a reality.
  • We are actively fundraising to develop our global platform so we can support more partners tackling ‘wicked’ problems.

The need for change is evident.

Is your organization rethinking how it contributes to achieving global goals?

  • Humanitarian INGOs headquartered in Geneva, London, or Washington are striving to “localize aid”.
  • A growing concert of voices is calling for the decolonization of global health.
  • Some donors are trying to listen to feedback from communities, not just metrics.

How do we shift our capacity to embrace a volatile, complex world?

The Geneva Learning Foundation (TGLF) has developed a unique approach, grounded in learning science and a decade of research and practice, to nurture digital networks. Read Reda Sadki’s blog post: How we used this approach to support over 40,000 immunization staff facing the COVID-19 pandemic

We build collective capacity for transformation. Download a snapshot of our immunization programme

We do this in ways that motivate participants to connect and implement thousands of their own locally-designed projects, leading to measurable, lasting impact.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for a digital-first Renaissance.

The next 20 years of working for change are likely to be about harnessing digital transformation through hybrid networks fusing digital and physical.

Learning how to develop people is a vital investment for the promise of digital to be realized. Read more about the digital-first Renaissance

I hope that you will take the time to learn more about our work to determine if what we do might fit what you need.

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