How does The Geneva Learning Foundation break the norm

How does the Geneva Learning Foundation’s approach break the norm?

Reda SadkiThe Geneva Learning Foundation

100% digital 100% human: using the latest learning technologies and interfaces, we adapt our digital networking interfaces to learner needs and habits to augment their digital and networking capabilities. 

Grounded in experience: we foster problem-solving that values both participants’ lived experience and the world’s best available global knowledge. 

We open access: participation can be opened for all, across geographic, sectoral or institutional barriers. 

New knowledge is created through peer learning: national and international practitioners sharing experience, giving and receiving feedback, and using this new knowledge to solve problems together. 

We build trust and mutual respect: safe spaces encourage authentic sharing of experiences to learn what actually works, how, and why. 

Driven by intrinsic motivation: proven high engagement rates with no per diem or other extrinsic incentives. 

Sustainability built-in: 78% of TGLF programme participants feel “capable” of using TGLF’s methodology for their own needs, and 82% want to organize their own activities using it with their colleagues. 

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