The Geneva Learning Foundation- Localizing programming and grounding policy

The Geneva Learning Foundation: Localizing programming and grounding policy

Reda SadkiThe Geneva Learning Foundation

By defying distance to connect with each other, practitioners expand the realm of what they are able to know beyond their local boundaries. 

Listening to these diverse voices and experiences is critical to inform programming, policy and decision-making and build bridges across sectoral silos and other boundaries, by providing: 

  • A direct, unmediated connection to the priorities and challenges of frontline staff, as well as their perceptions of key obstacles and enablers of progress. 
  • Impactful learning and knowledge building by and for frontline responders and practitioners. 
  • A “reality check” to assess whether current global assumptions match those of frontline workers. 
  • A “test bed” to co-design, develop and pilot tools or resources. 

Thousands of ideas are turned into action, results, and impact 

In every TGLF programme, practitioners develop action plans and then report to each other as they implement, documenting results, outcomes, and impact to help each other. 

Such peer accountability has proven more reliable, in some cases, than conventional monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. 

For individuals, TGLF enables: 

  • Increased knowledge of low-cost digital tools for learning and networking at scale. 
  • Opportunities to blossom as a leader, no matter who you are or where you are. 
  • Sense of community across system level, sectoral, geographic and institutional boundaries. 

Measurable impact in countries: Examples of outcomes tracked in immunization since July 2019 

  • Following up on finding and vaccinating zero dose and defaulting children 
  • Tracking and vaccinating migrant populations 
  • Setting up a Missed Opportunities in Vaccination (MOV) system to ensure eligible children present at outpatient/other PHC “stations” in a facility receive vaccinations 
  • Improving geographic equity by increasing outreach sites in hard- to-reach areas 
  • Increasing frequency of services in higher volume urban facilities 
  • Using community engagement approaches to bring on board leaders to support immunization, who were previously opposed. 

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