General Assembly of the Movement for Immunization Agenda 2030 on 14 March 2022

Reda SadkiGlobal health

Summary of highlights from the Full Learning Cycle, Monday 14 March

  1. # of participants: By Monday, 6,319 immunization professionals accepted to the Full Learning Cycle, including 3,592 Anglophones and 2,727 Francophones.
  2. Participation: Scholars are participating with high motivation and bringing an incredible energy to build the IA2030 Movement. You can read their first-person perspectives on why they are participating in the Full Learning Cycle on slides 81-99. These slides show only a selected few quotes from more than 2,000 Scholars’ feedback to our “barometer”, a tool for them to share how they are doing in the Full Learning Cycle, which helps us to get the “pulse” of the whole group and adapt support.
  3. By Monday, 313 ideas and practices submitted over the course of one week in the Ideas Engine. This number has now gone up to 559. You can see a breakdown of these ideas by country and by SP on slides 32-80.
  4. Scholars are sharing with peers their immunization experiences in short 30-minute sessions with François Gasse and Charlotte. You can see slides 102-105 for a summary of experiences shared last week.


Anglophones: link to slidedecklink to recording

Francophones: link to slidedecklink to recording