The Infinity Room (The House on the Rock) (Justin Kern/Flickr)

7 key questions when designing a learning system

Reda SadkiLearning, Learning design

In the design of a learning system for humanitarians, the following questions should be given careful consideration:

  1. Does each component of the system foster cross-cutting analysis and critical thinking competencies that are key to humanitarian leadership?
  2. Is the curriculum standardized across all components, with shared learning objectives and a common competency framework?
  3. Is the curriculum modular so that components may be tailored to focus on context-specific performance gaps?
  4. Does the system provide experiential learning (through scenario-based simulations) and foster collaboration (through social, peer-to-peer knowledge co-construction) in addition to knowledge transmission (instruction)?
  5. How are learning and performance outcomes evaluated?
  6. Are synergies between components of the learning system leveraged to minimized costs?
  7. Have the costs over time been correctly calculated by estimating both development and delivery costs?

These questions emerged from the development of a learning system for market assessment last year, thinking through how to use learning innovation to achieve efficiency and effectiveness despite limited resources.

Photo: The Infinity Room (The House on the Rock) (Justin Kern/Flickr)