Scaling up humanitarian education: my presentation at the European MOOC Summit

Reda SadkiEvents, Presentations

I’ve just published my presentation (25 minutes with slides) about the urgency of scaling up humanitarian education on LSi.io. This is a recording with both slides and my narrative, that looks at a number of issues:

  • Training like it’s 1899 – and why we need to think about learning beyond training
  • The need for scale – some indicative figures
  • What is broken about humanitarian education
  • VUCA – What has changed about the nature of knowledge and why it matters
  • IGO/INGO MOOC models – things to consider

LSi.io is the new web site for Learning Strategies International, a talent network for people who yearn to help solve the ‘wicked’ learning problems of the humanitarian sector. Right now, the network is by invitation only. Just send me a message if you’d like access to the presentation.

Link to European MOOC Summit presentation (for LSi.io members)