Scaling up humanitarian education: my presentation at the European MOOC Summit

Reda Sadki Events, Presentations

I’ve just published my presentation (25 minutes with slides) about the urgency of scaling up humanitarian education on LSi.io. This is a recording with both slides and my narrative, that looks at a number of issues:

  • Training like it’s 1899 – and why we need to think about learning beyond training
  • The need for scale – some indicative figures
  • What is broken about humanitarian education
  • VUCA – What has changed about the nature of knowledge and why it matters
  • IGO/INGO MOOC models – things to consider

LSi.io is the new web site for Learning Strategies International, a talent network for people who yearn to help solve the ‘wicked’ learning problems of the humanitarian sector. Right now, the network is by invitation only. Just send me a message if you’d like access to the presentation.

Link to European MOOC Summit presentation (for LSi.io members)