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Reda SadkiLearning design, Learning strategy

Individually, team members continually learn in their respective area of work, by both formal and informal means. Most learning today happens by accretion, as a continual, networked (‘know-where’), and embedded process. However, occasions to share and reflect on best practice are rare, and may be felt to be interruptions or distractions from the ‘real work’ in one’s silo. Furthermore, online learning events (“webinars”) tend to be long (one hour is typical), require professionals to take “time out” from their work in order to learn, and do not provide the necessary linkage between knowledge acquired and its application to work (the “applicability problem”).

To further continual learning, the practicum offers a 15-minute online presentation from a global thought leader on a topic directly relevant to the business. Participants are invited to watch the presentation together, and to stay together for face-to-face discussion (beyond 15 minutes) to determine practical ways in which the concepts and ideas may be applied (collaborative, collective, and creative) through facilitated discussion. This provides the opportunity to learn with respect to real challenges rather than from generic content and cases, reducing the tensions and tradeoffs felt when having to choose between attending a learning program and getting the work done. The recording of each presentation will be made available one week after the live event (captured and codified), adding incentive to participate in the live event.

Presenters will share a short list of key resources and links so that participants may independently investigate the topic and its application to their context, encouraging needs-based learning (“acquisition”) and learning as cognition and reflection (“emergence”).