Digital learning at Learning Strategies International

How we work

Reda SadkiLearning design, Skills

We achieve operational excellence to provide a high-quality, personalized and transformative learning experience for each learner – no matter how many are in the cohort.

We achieve this by:

  • Building on the best available evidence from research and our own practice in adult learning to address, engage, and retain busy, working professionals;
  • Responding as quickly as we possibly can to learner queries and problems – and ensuring that individual problem-solving are used to improve the experience of the entire group;
  • Finding the sweet spot between structure (unambiguous instructions, schedule, and process) and process agility (adapting activities to improve support to learners); and
  • Designing for facilitation to empower learners, scaffolding their journey but recognizing that they are the ones who best know their context and needs.

Together, these capabilities combine to:

  • Offer a personalized learning experience in which each learner receives the support they need, and feels a growing sense of belonging.
  • Recreate an experience of collaboration that surpasses that of the physical world – still imperfect, but augmenting capabilities and recognizing that this is increasingly how we get things done in the real world, where physical and digital are fused.
  • Accelerate knowledge acquisition by connecting knowledge shards to activities and tasks directly related to the context of work.
  • Guide knowledge development and problem-solving using rubrics that define the quality standard.

These may seem like abstract principles. Yet they are the ones that have enabled our team to:

  • achieve completion rates above ninety percent with cohorts of hundreds of learners;
  • kindle high motivation; and
  • foster the emergence of new forms of leadership for learning.

Building on the idea that education is a philosophy for change, our focus has shifted from learning outcomes – necessary but not sufficient – to a focus on supporting learners all the way to the finish line of impact.