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Discover the leadership journeys of two remarkable learning leaders

Every episode is different, drawing on the life experiences of Key Contributors and of listeners.

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In the Eighth Dialogue, Karen E. Watkins and I were joined for the first time by Key Contributors Iris Isip-Tan and digital higher education strategist Keith Hampson. In Part 1 of the Dialogue – before deep-diving into the Metaverse – we explored:

  • How Iris Isip-Tan, Director of the Interactive Learning Center at the University of the Philippines in Manila, helped her colleagues pivot to emergency digital learning during lockdown – and to what extent this has led to more lasting change. How has this shaped her leadership journey?
  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter Tippett built a platform to help yoga teachers replicate and augment the direct observation and feedback that are key to their experience of teaching and learning. You will be surprised to discover where and how Peter learned the practice of leadership. 

On the Metaverse and its significance for learning leaders

In Part 2, we shifted our attention to the Metaverse, following Mark Zuckerberg‘s announcement that he is betting his company’s future on it. Here is how Marne Levine, Facebook’s chief business officer, described her vision for learning:

“In the Metaverse, learning won’t feel like anything we’ve learned before. With a headset or glasses, you’ll be able to pull up schematics you’re studying, or maybe even the service manual for a vehicle you are learning to repair. Let’s say you’re a med student or a doctor. With apps like Oh So VR, you can learn new techniques in surgery first hand, practicing until you get it right. Or, if you’re studying earth science, you could swim through the Great Barrier Reef, get up close to Earth’s mightiest insects, with your instructor David Attenborough whose VR documentary is playing now in Oculus TV [David Attenorouogh voiceover]. This is just one of the ways that we are going to learn in the future.”

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